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Leading from a Distance

I read an article several years ago by Bishop TD Jakes entitled, “Leading from a Distance.” He aptly explained the need for true leaders to not become “too common” with those that they lead. Certainly, we can be friends, fellowship,

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For Mom

I’ve decided to add the eulogy I gave for my mom at her service November 10, 2016.  Mostly for my sake, to honor her.  But who knows…someone out there might want to read it and remember. To say that our

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Embracing Change

2016 has been, and will continue to be, a year of shifting, transition and change. Change is never easy. Transitions can wobble the knees. But I cannot recount one great promotion or advancement the Lord has provided for me or

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Unoffendableness I didn’t make up the word “unoffendableness.” I first read the word in a staff meeting at Bethel Life Center many years ago. Our youth pastor asked if he could lead a team-building exercise. Each one of us were

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2014: A Year of Breakthrough

Well…I’m back! Back on the blogosphere. As Mark Twain said, “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” (Always loved that quote). I took quite a hiatus as my life, ministry and, just about everything else took some very unexpected

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