Goliath’s Sword

Goliath’s Sword

As I’ve written in past blogposts that I’m a HUGE fan of King David. After Jesus, David is the first one I want to sit with in heaven and ask a bunch of questions.

David is probably most famous for his victory over Goliath in the Valley of Elah as a young teen. After felling Goliath with a stone from his sling, he rushes to the giant and cuts his head off with his very own sword (1 Sam. 17:51). It could be said that David became king in the hearts of all Israel at that moment.

We don’t hear about Goliath’s sword again until 1 Sam. 21:9 tells us that David is fleeing King Saul and comes to a town called Nob. He encounters a priest named Ahimelech. David tells the priest that he is on an important mission on behalf of the king and that he needs bread and a weapon. The priest tells him, “The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you killed in the valley of Elah, is here, wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod. If you want to take it for yourself, then take it.”

We don’t know exactly how it got to the sanctuary at Nob.  However, it is believed that David dedicated the sword to God as a symbol of God’s power to overcome his enemies.  There was no temple in all of Israel at this time, so the large sanctuary at Nob, which was staffed with 85 priests would be the likely place for such an important relic.

However, the sword would not remain just a symbol of past victory, but would stay by David’s side in future battles.  It would serve David well.

Understand: Yesterday’s victories will come back to serve you in your time of need.

My family has experienced this truth first-hand on more than one occasion.  I’ve been privileged to pastor hundreds and hundreds of families over the years both as an associate pastor and as a senior pastor.  Many of the relationships built in each of those posts proved not to be temporary but life-long friendships and covenants.

Some families attending The Altar were families that we served more than twenty years ago in my first ministry position.  The Altar was planted and launched successfully two years ago due to the monetary support of several key friendships who have believed in us and walked with us for many years.  Just this Easter, we gave away thousands of pounds of food provided by a friend of 18 years who has never stopped praying for us.  He supplied every box of food from his own warehouse.

You see, in years past, it was my privilege to serve these friends; to marry their children, to bury their parents and grandparents; to meet them in an ER when medical emergencies arose; to support them when finances were tight; to weep with them when their children were suffering.  It’s always been an honor to be “in the fight” with them…and years later, they got into the trenches with us.

Polly and I witnessed this truth most clearly several years back. While in transition, we went for four months with no income, no health coverage, no benefits.  During that time of desperation and prayer, “ravens,” in the form of covenant friendships, came and fed us like the ravens fed Elijah (1 Kings 17:6).  When it was all said and done, that four month period of famine actually represented more than double what our income was prior to that point.  We literally had boxes of cash brought to our door. Checks sent in the mail from churches, pastors, and yes, long-time friends who we served in the past. A friend drove an SUV into my driveway and said, “We were going to trade this in on our new vehicle, but the Lord told us to bring it to you.” (It was five years newer and 150,000 fewer miles than the church vehicle I had been driving.) Other blessings just kept flowing in the form of goods and services and we were always blown away by God’s faithfulness. He used these blessings to remind us that He had not left us but still had a great plan. He was proving that the best was still coming…and is still proving that daily.

Past victories came back to serve us well.

Whatever you take from this post today…please receive this:  Don’t give up on God; don’t give up on His people; and don’t give up on yourself.  He WILL provide for you…and He will bring back past victories to bless you once again.  He will prove Himself in the midst of the darkest struggles and the most heated battles.

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