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Seven Hard Earned Lessons About Calling

The following is a re-post from Mark Batterson, posted by permission.  Incredible read! Behind my desk hangs a large photograph of a cow pasture in Alexandria, Minnesota. That’s where I felt called to full-time ministry during a prayer walk when I

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“God, Give Me Wichita!”

It was 7 AM.  I had come to church early to spend some time praying in the newly built sanctuary of Bethel Life Center in Wichita, KS.  It was July 1998 and I had served as the Music Pastor there

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Fasting That Lasts

My oldest son, Michael, is a guitar player.  He caught the bug playing Guitar Hero and soon decided he wanted to play the real thing.  However, if you know anything about Guitar Hero, some of the music that he was

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Finishing Strong: Fasting for Results pt. 3

You’ve been there. So have I. When the heavens feel like brass. Prayers feel like they’re bouncing off the ceiling and falling silently to the floor. Where are the goose bumps? Where are the angelic visitations? Why does my head

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Intimacy with God

Is it okay to be honest with you? Fasting is tough. I know we’d like to think that as we endeavor to grow closer to our Lord, that things get easier…they don’t. As with Jacob when he wrestled with God

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Fasting for Results pt. 2

We’re 6 days into our 21 Days of Fasting & Prayer. We invite you and your family to join all the WOL family for what promises to be a powerful time each January of fasting and giving God first place

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Fasting for Results pt. 1

As we enter into our 21-day fasting and prayer time, I always anticipate what God is about to say and reveal to us as a church family. He promises to speak to us individually and corporately. It’s an exciting time

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2014: A Year of Breakthrough

Well…I’m back! Back on the blogosphere. As Mark Twain said, “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” (Always loved that quote). I took quite a hiatus as my life, ministry and, just about everything else took some very unexpected

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